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What is the InBody scanner?

The InBody Test provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance.

Body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat, which are the components of the

human body closely relate to the status of our health.




InBody 270 – Body Composition Scanner

The InBody 270 goes beyond traditional body composition analysis. It not only analyzes how much muscle and body fat you have, but it also measures your Total Body Water, values important for understanding a user’s composition in medical, wellness, or fitness contexts. 


The InBody scan allows you to see exactly how your body reacts to your nutrition and training, by tracking your progress on hydration levels, muscle mass, muscular symmetry, and body composition. It also breaks this information down by region so you have information on the muscle mass of each arm, each leg, and your trunk


Only impedance is used to determine your body composition results; no statistical data or empirical equations are used or required to predict your body composition.


Measure your body fat, muscle, and water levels in less than a minute. No dunking. No pinching. No discomfort. Simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes to test. 

Explore the Results Sheets

Each InBody Test will print out a full-page results sheet detailing the muscle, fat,

and water values of the user. The InBody 270 records a user’s weight,

skeletal muscle mass, and percent body fat from the last eight tests to track progress over time.


Identify how many pounds of lean mass are in each body segment through Segmental Lean Analysis.

Use this portion to look for any imbalance between corresponding segments (ex. Right Arm, Left Arm)

for balanced muscle development.


The newest addition to our portable line now prints out Body Composition History on the InBody

results sheet. This chart will record the user’s Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Percent Body Fat

from the last 8 tests to measure progress over time.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.41.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 1.25.39 PM.png

Do I have to be a member to use the InBody scanner at CrossFit Washington?

NO, you do not have to be a member to enjoy the benefit of an InBody scan.  You can contact CrossFit Washington to set up an appointment any time. 

What should I do to prepare for my InBody scan?

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