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(Simply put we are the area’s leading nutrition coaching service

Custom Habits & Goals Created With You & Your Coach

Weekly Check-ins From Your Nutrition Coach For Increased Accountability

Custom Meal Plans Written By A Registered Dietitian So You Can Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Nutrition

On-Ramp Course

4 Personal Training sessions called "On-Ramp" are required for every new athlete at CFW . We will teach you, in depth, several new movements each class, and you will do a workout at the end of each class incorporating the movements that you just learned. 


The “WOD” or “Workout of the Day” is the workout programmed for all regular classes on any given day. Our workouts are designed to improve each participants “GPP” or “general physical preparedness.” That means members will see significant improvements in mobility, speed, strength, and coordination over time by following our programming. The workouts are designed with an “Rx” or “prescribed” method of execution, but are infinitely scalable. This allows for athletes of all backgrounds and abilities to complete the workout at their own level.


 FitBody30 is the ultimate high-energy conditioning training. Workouts typically last anywhere from 10-20 min. and always incorporate simple yet potent movements. FitBody30 combines bodyweight, rowing-biking-running, and simple weight lifting movements for each workout.

1-0n-1 Personal Training

We offering 1-on-1 personal training services! Personal training is a great way to utilize 1-on-1 time with a coach  to more specifically meet your needs as an athlete, discuss how nutrition plays an important role in our health, to gain confidence, more specialized training in an area of interest, or to simply have a no stress time while you learn the basics! Contact us now to set up your session!


We are all about CrossFit. We focus on fundamental movements with proper techniques to ensure our athletes are safe. We also offer some great mobility/recovery tools. More information about these products can be found in the links below.  

CrossFit Washington Recovery
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